Thursday, July 21, 2011


About this time every year I get the summer riding dulldrums. It is hot and I've ridden the local trails a con-million times. So it is nice to have another sport to turn to to get refreshed and excited. Especially one that envolves a dip into a cool lake on a hot day.
I've seen some nice GoPro video of surfers with the camera mounted on the front of the board looking back at the surfer. Sweet perspective! So I thought I'd try the same thing on my water ski. Hope you like it.

Skiing Lake Mirage Colorado from Alan Wixom on Vimeo.

Until next time.


  1. You're ski screams like a banshee! That's sweet!!!! The sound FX are really what put this video over the top. I had no idea the ski's vibrations would sound like that. Good video.

  2. And by "banshee," I mean the flying alien vehicle from Halo.

  3. nice quads skippy. oh, was there a ski?