Sunday, December 2, 2012

Mike C., Greg L. and I went out to ride 5 Miles of Hell (5MOH) last Thursday.  It was about 20 miles of trail total when you include the entry and exit.  But it took us most of the daylight hours to complete. The vivid colors of the rock against a blue sky assured that the cameras were perpetually out, consuming much of our time.
The extended exceptional weather made such a venture this late in the season possible.  Mike has been attempting to get me out there for several years now, but weather and circumstance have always thwarted the prospect.  Although the day was exhausting, I left thinking I wish I had gone sooner.

Dry and dusty conditions all day long.

The technical aspect of 5MOH is relentless and unmatched.  A nice challenge if your into that kind of thing.

Until next time.