Thursday, October 4, 2012

Not my usual sport type post.  Just couldn't get enough of the leaves changing up on the Grand Mesa and who can resist the Blue Angels.  Unfortunately we are still suffering from a lot of haze from fires near and far.  So much so that even my filters couldn't completely handle it.

Bon and I got a late start, so I had to move fast to get any shots before the light faded.  But wow was there a sea of yellow and orange as we approached Powderhorn.  I can't recall ever seeing such a vast wave of color on the Mesa.

Bon sporting her favorite "Helmet" hair do.

A couple of young guys were long boarding the hill above Old Powderhorn.

Sorry that most of the shots were so similar.  I probably should have spread them out over a couple of other posts. But when the weather is cold maybe you can revisit these and remember a wonderful fall.
Until next time.