Friday, February 18, 2011

How to spend your 28th Anniversary.

Yesterday was big 28 for the Bon and I.  So we disregarded the weather forecast, took our bikes and Milly and headed for Moab.  Bonnie nor I had ever tried the Bar-M trail system, and since Bon didn't feel up to Amasa, we decided to try them.  Thankfully there was a brand new trail called "Dead Man's Gulch" or something, which wasn't great, but compared to the other loops that came later, was the best thing out there.

I will say that since the trails are located between the red cliffs of Moab Canyon to the west, the La Sals south and Arches to the east, it was picturesque.   Unfortunately, despite it mostly being a clear day every where around us, some clouds seemed to hang over us when ever we wanted to photograph.  Hopefully not an omen for the next 28.

Dead Man's Gulch





Rock'en A (Arches in the background)

Anniversary stuff

Circle O

 For some odd reason there is this old diving board out there to link two rock sections.  Bonnie successfully pulled off a triple flip, triple twisting, no splash entry.  I gave her a 6 for the dive and a 10 on form.
 I have named this rock "Alan's Youth Rock"  because, just like my fleeting youth, it is just barely hanging on.
Bonnie just loves stuff like this.

nough said!

Our day ended with a nice dinner, but on a sad note.  Our oldest son Tanner called to tell us he had just heard that his high school girl friend and Prom date from a few years back, had been killed in a tragic accident, when the tour boat she was sleeping on just off the coast of Vietnam, sank in the night and she was one of the 12 people unable to get off before it went down.  She was a beautiful, intelligent, wonderful young lady that always left you better than you were before.  Rest in peace Sam.

Until next time.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Is this February?

We had a fair amount of snow in Junction this past week, making biking not so friendly.  So I made a few calls and soon had a group to go and ride with in Moab.  Mike C. had put a group together also and we planned on meeting to ride Amasa Back, but not all plans come to fruition.  We arrived late and Mike and Co. had already gone ahead.  We didn't catch them until about half way through the ride.
It was a fantastic day for riding and a great group to ride with.  The light was not the best so I only took a few photos, but you get the idea.  Is this really February?
Steve, Rocky, Frank, Milly and I, and Mike, Tom, Keith and Scott all enjoy a nice respite from the cold.  I don't know about anyone else, but it was a balm for my soul.

Long Shanks



Goblin Green and Road Cone Orange

Frank,  Steve,  Mike,  Tom,  Keith,  Rocky,  Scott and Milly at the N. end of Amasa.

Tom, Keith, Scott and Steve
The good news is, spring is coming!