Sunday, February 13, 2011

Is this February?

We had a fair amount of snow in Junction this past week, making biking not so friendly.  So I made a few calls and soon had a group to go and ride with in Moab.  Mike C. had put a group together also and we planned on meeting to ride Amasa Back, but not all plans come to fruition.  We arrived late and Mike and Co. had already gone ahead.  We didn't catch them until about half way through the ride.
It was a fantastic day for riding and a great group to ride with.  The light was not the best so I only took a few photos, but you get the idea.  Is this really February?
Steve, Rocky, Frank, Milly and I, and Mike, Tom, Keith and Scott all enjoy a nice respite from the cold.  I don't know about anyone else, but it was a balm for my soul.

Long Shanks



Goblin Green and Road Cone Orange

Frank,  Steve,  Mike,  Tom,  Keith,  Rocky,  Scott and Milly at the N. end of Amasa.

Tom, Keith, Scott and Steve
The good news is, spring is coming!


  1. Good times my friend! Good times, good friends, and it didn't feel like the wintry day we left behind in Grand Junction. What a nice respite from the spitefully mean cold we have had these past few weeks.

    Thanks for the photos!

  2. Yea for Moab! Yea for cheating winter.