Wednesday, March 14, 2012

A Bit of White Water

My friend Mike Curiak has gotten into packrafting quit extensively in the past year, and recently has been introducing me to the sport. I floated with him once last fall and then last week once again. Besides my Grand Canyon trip two years ago (which consisted of riding on a large "J"-rig) I have no experience on rivers, which has made it all the more exciting. I didn't go "swimming" on the trip in this video, but on a return float yesterday, I did get some "swimming" time. The water is very cold. Next is to strap a bike to the boat and go on a short adventure?


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  2. The water looks more brownish to me. A little like Yoohoo brownm but then I have a tech of colorblindness. The previous comment had too many typos.

    You and Mr. Wonka have no lack of fun things to do, and lots of time with which to do them. What will it be today?

  3. I could like me some white water. . .