Sunday, May 15, 2011

When The Wheels Fall Off The Bus.

Some photos of things going wrong at the Ranch Style competition.  It is amazing how these guys can bail out and survive to try again.

From the Best Trick Comp

Eric Lawrenuk

Doesn't look too bad here.

Didn't end so well.

Nick Simcik

Jack Ludlam tried the front flip twice.  He was already sporting a brace on his right wrist at the start of the competition.  On his first attempt he crashed and thought he had re-fractured his right wrist.  But went back up for another attempt anyway.  On his second attempt here you see he is under rotated.

This is about a micro second before he fractures his "left arm".  I was close enough to here it snape.  He didn't win the $1000.00 prize but probably got a hefty bill from the hospital.

Joe Perrizo had never tried a double back flip into a foam pit or water, but that didn't stop him from trying to throw it down at this competition.  He tried three times.

This was his 2nd attempt and he took it hard to the jeweled area.

Joe's third attempt ended a bit under rotated.

This head slap knocked him silly.

His limp "body grinder" was impressive.

This ended the competition for the night.  He was up and back competing the next day.

Slope Style day.

One of my favorite photos of the weekend.

Until next time.

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  1. ... This is why I'm looking to build a pump track instead of jumps in my yard...