Friday, May 6, 2011

Ranch Style Best Trick Competition

So I took Bonnie up to the Ranch today for the Best Trick Competition.  I also brought every piece of camera equipment I have.  During practice I had complete access to the jump.  It was like shooting fish in a barrel.  I almost got smoked by errant bikes and riders twice.  At some point Josh Bender (yes, the Josh Bender), who was MC, put a price on my head.  "Twenty bucks to the first rider to smoke the Photographer by the jump".  This brought some unwanted attention my way, and soon enough the professional photographers and videographers noticed I didn't have any credentials and "bam" back behind the tape I was sent.  But I had already ripped off 1000 photos by then.  So here is some teasers of my wicked ways.

That is Bender on the ladder up in the tree in the back ground.

Back up tomorrow for the Slope Style Comp.  Maybe I'll get lucky again.
Bonnie says I have to wait to make a seperate blog entry of all the carnage shots I have.  It will be epic!

Until next time.


  1. $1000 bucks prize money for best trick. Joe Perizzo (in the last picture) attempted a double back for us not once or twice...but three times. The third was the grand finale. They had to shut the jump down while he was coming back around. $1000 bucks REALLY??

  2. Hmmm. Were you not in your compromised state, you likely would be in the mix.

    Nice photos, excellent work. I would say that the "credentials" issue is pretty solvable with a laser printer, a couple of pirated logos, and a trip to Office Max for some laminating. Voila! You are now a credentialed photog.

  3. I wonder if any of these would get Pic of the Day on Pinkbike. That's some crazy stuff... Makes me want to build some jumps around here!