Sunday, May 8, 2011

Slope Style

Best Trick was incredible, but to watch these professionals cut loose on a whole Slope Style course of big step-ups, drops and jumps, was just unbelievable.  You can watch it on videos and or TV, and kind of think you know what it is all about, but to be right there is a whole other level.
My wife normally thinks this kind of thing is "stupid", but even she was just blown away by these athletes and their daring and skill.  Once again the crashes were off-the-hook as these guys pushed each other.
By late afternoon Bender was on a bender and provided some extra entertainment.  They had to eventually take the microphone away and keep hauling him off the course as he staggered around.

I like the cloud of dust from his feet as he spins the bike around in a tail-whip 360.

I believe this was the only back flip no-hander over the 30 foot gap of the day.

I will definitely make this an annual must see event.

Until next time.


  1. Insaniquarium.. Were I a little... er, a lot more gutsy, I'd get a DJ fork and try it.

  2. I think I prolly oughta come next year too. That looks nutz.